Established in 2002, Oval Concepts has pushed the limits of technology since its inception. We've always worked with engineers and Formula One aerodynamicists to introduce ground-breaking technology that combines light weight with aerodynamics with durability.

We use the highest quality materials, most advanced technologies, and reliable testing grounds available. All products bearing the Oval Concepts name meet our stringent performance and safety standards; if they don't, we go back to the drawing board. We send prototypes to our sponsored athletes to test in the ultimate conditions: rain, dirt, snow, cobbles. Their valuable feedback, coupled with the data we collect from our lab tests, shapes the product that comes to market. And it's not until it passes each of these tests and our athletes give the final, crucial vote of confidence - we want to race it - that we make it available to you.

We give you the tools - fit, durability, and high performance - to reach uncharted speeds. Please join us for the ride.

Oval Concepts
Engineered. Tested. Proven.