900T Saddle
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700T Saddle

Designed for both time trials and triathlons. The Oval Concepts 700 TT / Tri saddle was designed to suit the performance needs of both the time trialist and triathlete. Racing in an aerodynamic, low-profile position puts much of the rider's weight forward on the base bar arm rests which typically means your whole body adjusts itself forward; and that means a great deal of time is spent riding on the nose of the saddle.

Features. With the same features as our top-of-the line 900 carbon rail saddle, the Oval Concepts 700 TT / Tri saddle, with cro-moly rails, has addressed this riding position in several ways. We have extended the nose of the saddle to provide more room for riding in a more forward position. The width of the saddle nose is wider to provide additional support while in that position. And, the groove that is normally focused in the rear of the saddle has been extended all the way through to the front.

"Dual Zone" foam technology. Dual Zone foam technology provides firmer foam in the rear of the saddle similar to our road-specific saddles, and on the front section or nose of the saddle there is a less dense foam which provides support and comfort while riding on a narrow section of the saddle. Dual Zone foam technology reduces the stress and discomfort to the body which means more energy for the ride, less fidgeting on the bike.

Durable and lightweight. The Oval Concepts 700 TT / Tri saddle feature a synthetic leather cover that is extremely durable, comfortable, and dries more quickly than real leather. Cro-moly rails have a titanium finish and add only 40 grams to the overall weight compared to carbon.

Product Specifications

  • Chromoly rails
  • Lightweight dual-zone foam padding
  • Microfiber cover
  • TT/Tri nose design
  • Pressure-relief channel
  • Black or White finish
  • 269g