950 Clip-On Ergo Extension
750 Aero Brake Levers

750 Clip-On Ergo Extension


For all riders and athletes aero extensions are a very personal choice. This is very important to Oval and why we offer many choices in designs.


Oval Concepts Ski Bend extensions are designed for aerodynamics and ergonomics. The Ski bend extensions are one of the most popular extensions we offer and they are the first choice of our top level Triathletes. The Ski bend extensions are 376mm long, they can be cut down to custom fit any size rider. The drop in the extension just before the angle up increases your aerodynamic position on the bike and allows for your hands sit into a pocket that also provides a relief on your wrists on a long TT or Tri Event. This is critical in saving watts that would be spent on body stress, and to allow those watts to be spent on forward momentum to improve your performance.


Oval Concepts S Bend extensions are designed for the rider that wants a low profile position on their bike. The small rise in the extension keeps your arms and hands in a straight parallel path to improve aerodynamics.

Product Specifications

  • 6061 aluminum construction
  • Aluminum brackets
  • Composite armrests with neoprene pads
  • Available in S-bend and Ski-bend
  • Fully adjustable armrests and extensions
  • Internal cable routing-compatible
  • 376mm extension length
  • 551g